Monday, May 06, 2013

New path for the Don Valley

The new trail looking north from Gerrard Street East

Now that the new Bridgepoint Health Hospital has opened up and landscaping is almost finished, a long promised connection along the west side of the property is now open for use. A new path has been established that runs between the new hospital building and the Don Valley Parkway. The path starts at Gerrard St. East at a new light just east of the bridge that crosses the DVP. The path starting at the NW corner of the intersection proceeds north along the edge of the fence and provides a new access point to Riverdale Park East. Currently the path just ends at the grass. The city has yet to build a connecting path so for now you'll have to traverse about 50m of grass and dirt before you get to the paved path that provides access to the park and the pedestrian bridge that connect to the west park and to the Lower Don Trail.

The path is an easier grade and is more convenient to park users who need to get to Gerrard Street and the local neighbourhood.

Please note that landscaping along the trail is not yet finished so the trail may be temporarily closed while work is being done. Official opening of the trail has not yet been announced but already people are using it so it should be OK for use most of the time.

The new trail at St. Matthews Road and Gerrard Street East, looking northwest

The trail is right next to the new hospital

Looking south along the trail. Note that the landscaping is not yet finished

The place where the trail enters Riverdale Park East