Friday, August 26, 2005

Deer Zero, SUV Zero

I was travelling along the Bayview extension just south of the Brick Works when I came across this sad sight. A police cruiser, a tow truck, and a battered SUV were also there. Without thinking, I quickly stopped my bicycle and pulled out my trusty camera and snapped this photo. The cop whistled at me. "Hey!" He snarled. "Beat it. I don't need another distraction." So I quickly packed up and went on my way.

A little later on both cop and tow truck pulled into the Brick Works parking lot so I was able to examine the car closely. Both headlights were smashed, along with the front grille and the hood was crumpled. The radiator was pushed in. About $2-3000 of repair work. The driver was shaken up but unhurt.

Apparently the deer was trying to cross Bayview during rush hour. It was very busy. Of course since deer have been spotted in the valley for the past three years, this was bound to happen eventually. A tragic result of the impact that we humans have on the natural environment.


Anonymous said...

oh that is so sad

Anonymous said...

I saw a deer on the DVP northbound, north of Bloor on Friday night around midnight (Dec 11-05). It was staggering, in distress and had obviously been hit. I didn't see any cars stopped and I was lucky to go around it and not hit it myself.

Donwatcher said...

You should report injured deer to the police right away. It will reduce the chance of more accidents and also allow them to put the poor thing out of its misery.