Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More November Documents

Now that the community council agenda have been posted there are additional documents that may be of interest to Don Watchers.

1048 Broadview Avenue Development
This is a proposed condominum project at the top of Pottery Rd. The proposal is to erect a 22 story tower on site. Staff largely recommends the project with the option of forcing the developer to subsidize some cosmetic improvements to the valley. While there is a similar tower just to the north of this property, does the valley really need another condo?

Bridgepoint Health (formerly Riverdale Hospital)
An update on development proposals for this long term care facility. More of a community issue than a valley issue, there are some aspects of this project that may impact the Don so it should be monitored.

Beautiful City Roundtable Comments on Ravines
I'm still looking into this one. Committee member Janet Rosenberg made a verbal report to this committee on the subject of street trees and ravines. I'm trying to find out what impact this may have on the Don. More on this later.

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