Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Road and Trail Closings

Road Closures in West Don Lands

In February, the TRCA and the city will start work on the flood control berm on the west side of the Lower Don River. This will mean that some roads will be closed in the West Don Lands area.

It will also mean that the Lower Don Trail will be closed between Queen St and Lakeshore Blvd. The trail will be closed for more than year with reopening slated for Spring 2007. When it does reopen, it will create a new linkage underneath the railway line just north of the big railway bridge. This will lead into the new park created where the berm will be built in the West Don Lands. Also, the tunnel that currently goes underneath said railway bridge, the one that goes up and down a short steep hill will be replaced by an at grade tunnel. This should make travel along this stretch alot easier.

Unfortunately the trail won't be as convenient as it used to be. Southerly access will be from the Queen St stairs rather than the Lakeshore Trail. For those adventurous folk there is always the hole in the fence just north of Queen St. However I don't recommend this as you need to cross a busy railway line. Remember, train time is any time.

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