Monday, March 20, 2006

The Slumbering Don

Don River, looking south from Sun Valley bridge.

March is kind of a slow month for the Don, spring events don't start up until April. In Toronto, most of the snow has usually melted leaving the valley in a kind of grey and brown melange, a majority of the plants haven't roused from their winter quiescence.

Still the river flows and patiently waits for the next cycle. This scene is taken from a bridge that crosses the river north of Pottery Rd. The bridge is an oddity, left over from some bygone era - it is too narrow to transport cars and too wide to have been built for pedestrians. It is used mainly by cyclists as an access route to the Crothers' Woods trails.

Just below the bridge on the right there are two places where water flows out of the bank at a fairly steady rate. The banks are stained a rusty red colour and I have always wondered if the spring is natural or polluted in some way. I am suspicious because the land just west of the river was a former dump site. It would be nice to have the water tested to at least satiate my curiosity.

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