Saturday, July 15, 2006

Busy Summer

You may have noticed that I have been lax in posting recently. That is because I am taking a course at the UofT this summer that has me insanely busy. It will be over by mid-August but it means my Don travels are severely curtailed until then.

The only thing I am doing in the Don this summer on a regular basis is community stewardship. I am leading a team at the Beechwood wetland. You would think I might post about that but one of my team members created a blog to detail just this one activity so why duplicate the effort. Visit her blog to see updates and great pix.

On another note, now that I am a blogger, I have discovered that I am just a tiny part of a larger blogosphere. In cruising this online environment I have noticed that many blogger's list their favourite blogs on the main page. Not to be outdone, I have now done the same and have listed five weblogs that are more or less related to this blog. Check out the list (including the Beechwood Wetland blog) on the right sidebar.

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