Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don River Rates a Doctoral Thesis

I found this article in one of my regular web searches. Jennifer Bonnell is doing her PhD on "Imagining the Don: A Social and Environmental History of an Urban River". Her reasoning is that the Don has shaped Toronto's history in a variety of ways, many of which are forgotten or taken for granted.

This looks like a new column for the Toronto Star, highlighting interesting research that is happening in Toronto. Who knows, when (if) I get to that point in my scholastic studies I may get a mention too :-)

In the same vein, I just found another scholar doing research on the Don. Jackson Parrell created a website to solicit opinions on the subject "Importance of Urban Green Spaces: The Don Valley". His essay discusses that remote natural areas aren't as important as urban green spaces. An interesting idea although I found his writing style a little scattered. He also wants visitors to fill out a survey, presumably to add to his research. Best of luck to both of these students.

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