Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coyotes in the Don

The Torontoist blog has a pretty good post on Coyotes in the city. They are certainly in the Don which is a big part of the natural areas within Toronto. The article says it all so I won't repeat anything. If anyone sees a Coyote in the Don, email me!


Anonymous said...

I can't say for sure it was coyotes, but it certainly didn't sound like dogs to me. Sounded closer to wolves howling.

This took place during daylight hours (for a couple of minutes) when I was up in the East Don near Bermondsey last week.

Donwatcher said...

Coyotes certainly perform howling behaviour like wolves. The sound is a little different (although I am no expert). According to some sources they will respond to you if call them with the right tone.

SO it sounds like you heard some coyotes. The East Don sounds like a good spot for coyotes since there is some dense brush in that area.

Anonymous said...

I was walking my dog last week and I couldn't believe it.... but I think I saw a coyote running along the side of the rail road tracks (just east of Don Mills Road). I know it was not a fox, because it was way too tall, it didn't look like a wolf or a dog - so it must have been a coyote! Has anyone else spotted one in Toronto?