Friday, August 17, 2007

Moccasin Trail Park

On my way to inspect the site of the erosion control project (more on this later) in the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, I passed through Moccasin Trail Park. This park is one of those obscure little places in the Don valley that is tucked in behind Don Mills. The park access road is almost hidden so you wouldn't know it existed unless you knew about it. The park used to be just a grass and swings park with a bit of natural habitat. It's only use was by local residents and a few naturalists.

About six years ago, the city and the TRCA got together and decided to construct a storm water treatment pond. This was due to a new development that was happening next to the CP rail tracks and they needed somewhere to collect the stormwater that would drain from the development. This approach contrasted from previous procedures where stormwater was sent directly into the river.

I visited the site while it was under construction. At the time it was not much to look at. From the before and after pictures you can see that the result is quite satisfying. I haven't visited it during a rainstorm but it appears to be functioning as designed.

Pond under construction, 2001

Pond today

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