Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Karen Valovich - In Memory

Karen at a spring planting in 2003

News about the Don is sometimes depressing but it is rarely sad. Unfortunately, this is case today. I just learned that Karen Valovich, a long time volunteer for Bring Back the Don has passed away this week. Karen was a dependable volunteer who I often saw at tree plantings in the Don. I remember her well because she often rode her bicycle to events. Later on she joined my stewardship team at the Brick Works and regularly came out to do weeding and watering activities. She also helped out at Sherwood Park doing stewardship tasks since she lived in that neighbourhood in North Toronto.

She was soft spoken and somewhat shy but always had a smile when I talked with her. Once I got to know her I found she had a dry sense of humour. A couple of years ago she got married and disappeared from the volunteer scene. I figured she was busy with her new life but then I found out that she wasn't well. I didn't hear anything until today when another of my volunteers from my old stewardship team called up and passed on the news.

There's an obituary in the Toronto Star. I don't have it in front of me but I was told that there is a viewing tomorrow at the Newbigging Funeral Home at 733 Mt. Pleasant Rd. just south of Eglinton.


Anonymous said...

I remember her that way too; cycling, weeding, working, the occasional pint at the Bow...
She was 45 years old....sad news.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, sad news. Her being sick was a surprise because I too thought it was just a change from being married. I've known Karen since we first me in 1989. I miss her alot.