Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Piles of Dirt

Piles of dirt stockpiled for berm

Just south of the Queen St. bridge where King and Queen meet lies an extensive construction site. The former McCord Ready-Mix cement plant (where I had a summer job in 1981) is now a stockpile of earth for the berm that will line the west banks of the Don. The berm will protect the future West Don Lands development which will begin construction once the berm is completed later this year.

Work on the berm hasn't started yet as they are doing some preliminary work that requires shifting some underground pipes and conduits. The engineers tell us that these pipes won't be able to withstand the extra weight of all the earth piled on top once the berm is built so they must be relocated.

Once the berm is complete it will form the basis of the new Don River Park. Look for big changes to this area in 2009.

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