Friday, February 22, 2008

Don River Cam

View from the TRCA Camera (at 1:30 PM). Note the small hut just right of centre in the picture.

In addition to my own blogging activities I also like to read other people's blogs just to see what's out there. One of my regular blogs is Torontoist which covers a wide gamut of things happening in the city. Most of it is theatre, movies, and other social events, but now and then there is an interesting post that features the Don, such as today.

The content surprised me because I haven't heard anything about it. Apparently the TRCA has setup a live camera monitoring the state of the river. The camera is publicly accessible along with some current reporting data. I don't know whether there is any historical data such as the data kept by the Environment Canada (archived hydrometric data. To view the data for this location search for Station Number 02HC024) but that may be a future addition.

The camera is located just south of Pottery Road near the river monitoring station. The camera is positioned so it can see the station. This will likely provide a visual correlation with any water flow data that is being collected at the same time.

I watched the camera for a bit. The view appears to be static as there is not much movement to be seen. It is likely refreshed every five minutes or so. Not as exciting as watching fish in an aquarium but for armchair "Don watching" you can't get any closer than this.

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