Monday, December 01, 2008

Reach by Reach: TMP's Plans for the Creek

Taylor Massey Project has been quite active since their inception four years ago. Their mandate is to restore and protect Taylor-Massey Creek and its surrounding watershed. Recently the TRCA releases a draft plan for the entire Don River watershed and created plans for seven subwatersheds of which Taylor-Massey Creek is one of them. In response to that plan, TMP released its own version for subwatershed restoration. Called "Reach by Reach", it is a detailed 49 page document. It further divides the Taylor-Massey Creek watershed into 12 reaches. Each of these reaches has its own issues which are described in the document as well as a strategy for tackling them. There is also a 13th reach called the "Warden Hydro Corridor". This is not a reach of the creek but does form a major part of the strategy.

TMP calls this a 'draft' document. They invite the public to comment on the plan and a final plan will be released when the TRCA finishes its own plan next year. If you want to comment on the plan, send them to My own comments will be forthcoming.

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