Thursday, February 26, 2009

Historic Ice Jam Pictures

Taking care of ice on the tracks just north of the Queen Street bridge, c1910. Courtesy, Toronto Archives

The Drop Machine forum is used by the cycling community to exchange information about, well, cycling stuff. Anything under the sun about cycling. There is even a forum dedicated to the Don since this is a favourite place for them to do all sorts of cycling. Most of the posts are related to organizing rides or other events but there are occasional posts about other things.

One of them has recently delved into the Toronto Archives and dug out some historic photos of the Don River, circa 1907-10. These illustrate that in those days, the Don used to ice over. The resulting ice flows also created problems for the adjacent railway. Those days are long past as I discussed in my own recent post about the Don in winter. Nonetheless, the pictures are interesting to look at.

The picture displayed above is looking south toward the Queen St. East bridge. If you look carefully, you can see a portion of the turret of the Don Station just underneath the bridge in the left background.

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