Sunday, March 29, 2009

Podcast on Don River History

A new website has appeared called NICHE which stands for Network in Canadian History and Environment. In a nice twist the acronym is the same in French: Nouvelle Initiative Canadienne en Histoire de l'Environnement.

On the website are several projects including one entitled Nature's Past, a member project about the environmental history community and current research in Canada. The first podcast episode released December 10, 2008 was about the Don River. It is 45 minutes long and features an interview with Jennifer Bonnell, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto who is writing her thesis on the environmental history of the Don River. For anyone who is interested in local Toronto history it is certainly very interesting. It shows how early Toronto history was closely intertwined with the Don River and its valley.

The project has released three more podcasts on a variety of Canadian stories related to environmental history. When I have some time I will certainly check out the rest of the website which is rich in content. Episode 1 is about 41 Mb which is certainly small enough for most portable listening devices. Enjoy!

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Sean Kheraj said...

Thanks for the post about our podcast. We just uploaded the sixth episode today. Feel free to leave us comments or thoughts on the new episode or any of our past episodes. We appreciate the feedback.