Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Twitter and Me

I've been on Twitter since Jan. 25, 2009. I've managed 45 twitter posts in 74 days. That's roughly 6 updates every 10 days. That out paces my Don Watcher posts, which I've done approximately 2.5 every 10 days. I have 30 followers and am following 6 other "tweeters'' (twitterers?).

Of course it is so much easier since you're limited to 140 characters per tweet. I've used it almost solely for advertising events or links to Don related web sites or newspaper articles. Only one or two were for current conditions of the Don.

My Twitter use will likely continue in the same vein. I won't be cross-posting anymore since I've now added a widget that displays my latest five tweets. Just look down on the right side below links to see the details. My use of twitter may actually reduce the number of Don Watcher posts since I used to dedicate posts to advertise a website. The benefits of technology!

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