Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday Hike in the Don

This summer I am leading a series of hikes in the Don. This past Sunday was the second of six hikes. It started at York Mills and Bayview and traversed open sections of Wilket Creek, part of the West Don and all the open sections of Burke Brook. It was a nice day and 50 people showed up! Shepherding this many people is a challenge and things slowed down considerably along Burke Brook which had some very muddy sections including a mudslide. Getting around these areas was very time consuming. Nevertheless, everybody enjoyed themselves and I received several positive reviews.

My next hike will be on Sunday July 5, 1 PM starting at the entrance of Victoria Park subway station. You can check the Toronto Bruce Trail Club website for details. Look under urban hikes. Here a few pictures from the day's travels.

Starting the hike in a park at York Mills and Bayview.

Walking through Windfields Park.

Some ducks were also enjoying the fine weather.

We passed through the Toronto Botanical Gardens where many things were in bloom.

Getting down a muddy slope was a little tricky but we persevered.

Lending a helping hand across a plank bridge.

Making our way across a recent mudslide took some time.

We also went through Alexander Muir Gardens in the Blythwood Ravine.

Enjoying a relaxing pint at the end of the hike at the Safari Bar and Grill. About a dozen hikers persevered with me to the end.


Marnie said...

Wait, fifty people started and only a dozen finished? Did you lose a lot in the mudslide?

Donwatcher said...

Thankfully, no. We all made it through the mudslide, mostly unscathed. Typically on urban hikes people drop out before the end. Some find it too long or have other time commitments. You can always try a hike yourself. My hike on July 5th will be going by Beechwood!

Marnie said...

If I weren't working that day I might take you up on that. I'll try to have the place looking ship-shape for when you go by!