Friday, December 04, 2009

Construction at Todmorden Mills

Road and parking lot construction at Todmorden Mills

There is quite a bit of activity at Todmorden Mills these days. Construction has started on a new road access to the rear parking lot. This has been deemed necessary because the old bridge that was used to get to the parking lot has been condemned. The bridge was built in 1931 and used to cross the Don River when it ran through this part of the valley. When the Don Valley Parkway was built this section of the Don River was cut off and the bridge no longer served a major purpose. It has gone down hill ever since and now stands cut off and disused.

The new access road is being built next to the DVP embankment. Steps have been taken to protect trees near the construction site but other sizable trees were taken down that were in the way. I suppose it will look a lot better when it is finished. It's too bad they couldn't do anything with the old bridge since it is a part of the Don Valley's heritage and many of those are disappearing.

Tree protection fencing erected around large tree.

What the sign on the fence says

Straw bales have been placed to trap runoff from the parking lot during construction

Temporary catchment pond for water running from the pond and ditches.

The old bridge. On its way out?


Anonymous said...

Pottery Road full reconstruction, coming late summer 2010

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they put in proper sidewalks and cycle path.