Monday, September 26, 2011

Pottery Road Open (for Bikes)

Pottery Road closed at Broadview Avenue

A recent article in the Toronto Star highlighted the recent makeover of Pottery Road which apparently isn't going all that well. Apparently the slope behind a new retaining wall is unstable and they can't guarantee that it won't collapse so they've put the reopening on hold until they figure it out.

While the article said that car traffic is disrupted, they neglected to mention that the new bicycle/walking path is complete and fully available for use. A sign at the top of the hill says the path is closed but you can safely ignore it. The path which is separated from the road by jersey barriers is about 2m wide and fully paved. Caution is still warranted as the railing on the hill side hasn't been fully installed.

So too bad about cars but cyclists and hikers can rejoice!

Sidewalk sign says closed, use other sidewalk but there is no other sidewalk (hint: ignore sign)

Looking down the hill - brand new pavement

Looking up the hill. Retaining wall in question on the left

Wide path beside road. Todmorden Mills on the right, Fantasy Farm on the left

Expanded path underneath the DVP

New connection to Lower Don trail

Intersection at Bayview now includes a pedestrian crosswalk. The other side leads to an narrow paved median which can be used (with caution) to access the Brick Works.

Another view of the intersection at Bayview

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Anonymous said...

Apparently NOvember 30 is now 'the date""

The final work on the Pottery Road construction project -- the reinforcement of the slope on the north side of Pottery Road and the final layer of asphalt on the road -- is scheduled to be completed by Wednesday, November 30. On this date, the road is scheduled to re-open to traffic.

The City's engineering consultant reviewed various alternatives and construction methodologies to increase the safety of the slope and has determined the most cost effective method possible to do this work. City staff has worked closely with the local Councillor to ensure that the work will be completed as quickly and safely as possible.

We understand the impact the extended road closure continues to have on the community and the public's desire to have this work completed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as has occurred in this project, construction work can be unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances can result in delays. It has always been our intention to open the road as soon as the work at the site meets our standards and specifications and the road is safe for the travelling public.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the extended road closure and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Further information about other road closures is available at