Thursday, January 10, 2013

E.T. Seton Bridge Project Status

E.T. Seton Bridge Project.

Map Legend
Green: open trails (not plowed)
Red: wooden ramp removed, access extremely limited
Black: approximate placement of temporary fences
Blue: informal detour (use at own risk)

I visited the bridge replacement project site at the south end of E.T. Seton Park. It looks like the construction company has abandoned the site for the winter. Some fences are still up but all is not lost. The bridge across the railway tracks is still usable and if you are coming from Don Mills and Overlea (Flemingdon Park) you can still access the bridge via a narrow set of stairs. However the access ramp from E.T. Seton has been removed and is impassible except for the most intrepid of hikers. Getting a bike through here is next to impossible. There is an alternative informal path but it involves crossing the CN tracks and I can't recommend that but it appears that some people are using it. So despite the signs and fencing there is currently limited access. 

I heard through councillor Jaye Robinson's office that a metal ramp will be installed late February, early March. It was my understanding that the Bailey bridge crossing the tracks would also be replaced. There is no word on when this will happen.


Project sign. The recommended detours are laughable at best. I doubt anybody bothers with them.

The bridge is still up. The former wide wooden stairs at the north end have been replaced by a set of narrow stone stairs. Not very bicycle friendly.

The old wooden ramp has been removed. Cement foundations have been put in place in preparation for a new ramp which has yet to be installed.
A look at the bridge with some interesting graffiti/art on the right.


rudy said...

there's a much more convenient "informal detour" -- heading north on the old don mills road from the white bridge, just before the bailey bridge, follow the well-worn footpath to the right, it will take you down the hill to the railroad track, follow the railroad track west under the don mills overpass, and voila, exit to e.t.seton near the temporary fence

Donwatcher said...

Thanks for the tip Rudy!

Marky Mark said...

Any update? I want to run through there this weekend en route to Taylor Creek and if the bridge still is closed I'm not sure what to do...

Marky Mark said...

(i.e., should I follow their detour signs or exit the Don earlier, like around the Science Centre)?