Monday, August 01, 2005

A breath of spring

Trillium erectum (red trillium)
One of my favourite pictures this year. Taken in a remote part of E.T. Seton Park on the West Don in May. It's too bad that untouched beauty is just that. Too often I see people carting wildflowers out of the valley for some personal fleeting pleasure. Why can't they leave them alone for everyone's collective appreciation?


Libby Gone™ said...

if that in any way was a slap, forget it.
every single native Mitch Chee Gon wildflower on my property is incummbant. I would not consider touching rare species, cept for libs.
Look up Kimball twp. Mitch Chee Gon.
One of the few areas that the "trill" thrive.

Donwatcher said...

Hey Libby,

that wasn't aimed at you. Rather, just a rant directed towards the great unwashed. Everything is cool.


Libby Gone™ said...

just a day after my last post, had ta' wonder.
should have known better, always liked Toronto and the people we met.
Been in Casa Loma(sp?)
We were in '94
I loved it!
now if tomorrow you have a Frankenstein post..
were avin 'da werds!
ha ha

Anonymous said...

i hope you keep this up and don't become discouraged. i never posted to the don watchers because i am a newby and feel very shy.
like the things i think are spectacular ( having chickadees land on my hand)everyone else involved here will think are mundane.

this is a great idea!

Donwatcher said...

Thx JP. I am hoping to post something at least once a week, maybe twice a week in the summer.