Friday, August 12, 2005

Deer in the valley

About 30 people attended the Yellow Creek walk. During our outing we spotted a deer just at the edge of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I have seen deer for the past three years but this was a first sighting for some of the hikers.

It was too far away to see but it looked like an immature female.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous! i have been looking for the deer for 3 years. i would have been on the walk if i had checked this blog last friday. darn. but good for the folks that saw her. and nice shot

Donwatcher said...

Hi Jo-anne,

I have seen deer near the Lower Don Trail, Crothers' Woods, and the Charles Sauriol Preserve. The best place to see one is on the trail just north of the Bloor Viaduct. They usually come of hiding around dusk to feed. I have spotted one in this area at least three times in the past year. Good hunting, uh I mean spotting (you know what I mean...)


Anonymous said...

The key to seeing them is to go forth at the right time. The hour before dusk is it. (Also the hour after sunrise, but that's not my best time.) For instance, Sat., Aug. 13, 8:15 pm at Helliwell's Hill wetland, on Lower Don Trail just south of the Bayview Bloor ramp overpass. A 6 or 8 point buck crossed the trail just 10 meters ahead of my group of 4 walkers, hooked up with a doe in the underbrush to the east of the trail and spent about 10 minutes grazing along the rail embankment. They're there - and there are lots of them.

Happy trails, John

Anonymous said...

I saw a deer on the Don Valley Parkway, northbound, north of Bloor Street on Friday night (Dec 11th-05). It was obviously in distress and likely had been hit by a car. It was staggering between lanes.

Anonymous said...

There have been sightings of deer (and scatalogical evidence of them) near Blythwood and Mt. Pleasant recently.