Sunday, November 27, 2005

Helmet Cam

Ever wanted to see what it's like to ride the Don Valley biking trails? Here's your chance. The bikers are having fun with helmet mounted videocams. I like this video the best. He goes over bridges and under overhangs. Another video is just straight trail riding with only one teeter-totter.

The state of the biking trails will be a future article for the Don Watcher.


Donwatcher said...

Hi Kat,

Liability is certainly a big issue with the city. However, they are trying to balance the trail usage of the biking community with the need to manage what are largely informal trails. They are not there yet and personally I don't think that the end result will please anyone, but that's the way the city operates - if you upset enough people you have what is called local democracy!

Anonymous said...

It is my hope that anyone who chose to use any public facility willingly must be responsible for their own actions, provided that no gross negligence issues exist.

Someone who rides a trail and knowlingly attempts a stunt, and as a result injures themselves, is not in my opinion an issue of gross negligence. You are attempting an inherently risky activity that even the simplest of folk knows to be likely and almost guaranteed to cause injury at some point, especially at the beginning. When you are learning.

So far I like to think that we have resisted the idiocy that seems to exist south of the border, where a restaurant can be sued sucessfully for serving coffee that was too hot. Sadly, I think that might not be the case for too much longer.