Saturday, November 12, 2005

Top Five List: Favourite Things About the Don

Donwatcher has invited me to contribute to the Don blog about all things Don River. I thought I'd start with a complementary posting to his Top Five List: Threats to the Don with my own Top Five List: Favourite Things About the Don (though not quite as robust as Donwatcher's)
1. The darkness of the Valley as you travel over it on a late-night subway ride and the contrast to the bright headlights from cars on either side.
2. The height of the wall at the back of the Brickworks. You feel like you're in the bottom of a big bowl.
3. The Riverdale Farm Ponds as evidence of an old Don River Oxbow.
4. "The River I Step In is Not the River I Stand In" public art installation on the Queen Street East bridge that reminds people that there is a river underneath them that courses through the city.
5. The fish ladders south of the Beechwood Wetland.

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

The tree shaded glades along the Beltline trail are my favrite places.

Anonymous said...

Le ravin de Nordheimer est mon endroit préféré.


Donwatcher said...

Thanks for your comments. If you happen to have a picture of your favourite place, send it to my email address and I will post them for you.


Anonymous said...

Bienvenue River Rat. Mon endroit préféré est, bien sûr, the Brick Works. J'y ai travaillé comme bénévole depuis les 2 derniers étés.