Monday, January 02, 2006

Taylor-Massey Creek 'Wikified'

I have been neglecting Don Watcher for a bit but it's for a good cause. I have been working on some articles for Wikipedia. My latest effort has been to expand the article on Taylor-Massey Creek. The previous entry was pretty short.

Wikipedia is a different format than a blog. It's supposed to be an encyclopedia. One important concept they use is called neutral point of view or NPOV. This to prevent bias from influencing a reader. For example, I was updating an article on the Oak Ridges Moraine and referred to the Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust that was preserving valuable habitat. Another editor came along after I finished and changed "valuable habitat" to "wildlife habitat" and said the word "valuable" was not NPOV - which is true. To a land developer I suppose it's worthless habitat.

So please go to Wikipedia and read my article - maybe even update it! I don't pretend to have the last word on TMC. This is the beauty of the Wikipedia concept. More than one person can contribute to the same article.


River Rat said...

Wildlife habitat vs valuable habitat: hmmmm, I think a developer would also say that the ORM is valuable habitat b/c the nice green space increases the value of the development!

JimR said...

I noticed you had an older post regarding storm damage from last August in Taylor Creek. This is a link to some shots I had taken of it in case you're interested.