Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Species Invades the Brick Works

Sign posted in Brick Works parking lot

Sometime this winter, someone released a flock of penguins in the Brick Works ponds. They have since adapted to the local conditions and are breeding like rabbits. The problem has become so bad that the city has posted this sign in the parking lot. Apparently they are attracted to the warm engine blocks so they crawl under the cars. When cars start up they become trapped, and this can create a real mess. A local pol passing by said "You gotta watch these little devils. If you drive away with one of them under the hood, it can really fowl up the engine, if you get my meaning."

Currently there is no plan to remove them from the ponds. There presence has resulted in at least one benefit - they are eating all the goldfish that people have dumped in the pond. Another advantage is that they are very territorial. Dog walkers have learned to keep their dogs on a leash, as some dogs have learned the hard way that an angry penguin has a very sharp beak.

Donwatcher intends to keep a close eye on the situation and will keep you posted on new developments.

(Oh, by the way, April Fools!)


River Rat said...

High-larious! Good joke, Don Watcher!

Anonymous said...

Love the photoshopped signage. It really sells the concept. :)