Friday, September 01, 2006

Beavering away on Wikipedia

I must admit that I have sadly neglected the blog over the summer. This is partly due to a summer course I was taking but also to the fact that I am spending a lot of time as a Wikipedia editor. It's sort of a healthy addiction, I sometimes refer to it as Crackpedia :).

Anyways, I hope my efforts have not been in vain. I have recently completed two articles, both more or less related to the Don. The first is on Todmorden Mills, a heritage museum and wildflower preserve on the east side of the valley off of Pottery Road. The second article is on True Davidson, a former mayor of East York who was instrumental in getting Todmorden Mills restored. I found two books written by local historian Eleanor Darke on these subjects which proved to be very interesting reading. If you're interested in East York history I recommend them. You can find them listed in the references section in the Wikipedia articles.

I am currently working on expanding the article on the Don Valley Brick Works, another fascinating topic.

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