Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Salmon in the Don

A reporter from the National Post called up yesterday and asked me a bunch of questions about salmon seeing swimming in the Don. I answered her questions but she didn't say anything about writing an article nor did she ask permission to quote me. Now I find that she published an article in the paper this morning and touted me as "John Routh, who heads the Bring Back the Don task force".

It's actually an easy mistake to make. The name of the chair is actually John Wilson, I'm just a lowly citizen member.

Anyways, the article goes on to describe this phenomenon and tries to answer the question, why are there salmon in the Don? You can read the article but briefly, the MNR stocks Lake Ontario with Chinook or Coho salmon for the sports fishing industry. They dump them in rivers including the Don and the fish swim away to live out their life in the lake. Any fish that aren't caught return a few years later hoping to spawn. Unfortunately a combination of stormwater runoff and manmade barriers conspire to make this a futile effort.

Still it's an inspiring sight to witness as these fish leap the rapids on the Don. The best place to see it happening is on the Lower Don Trail, just north of Pottery Road where there is a short series of rapids.

Update: Marnie at Beechwood Wetland Blog took a picture of a dead salmon. Visit her blog for a picture.

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