Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Trail Closure

Ever since the Lower Don trail was closed south of Queen, I haven't been using the trail very much. So I was surprised to find that the trail was blocked by a fence. The sign says its been closed at least a month, although I don't recall when I was down here last... it doesn't seem that long.

Anyways, the reason for the closure is that stairs coming down from the Queen Street bridge have been closed. They are doing some sort of restoration work on the bridge - my guess would be rust-proofing since it's made of iron.

Although the trail is supposed to be closed, you can still sneak by. There are a couple of openings in the fence where you can exit before you get to Queen, although they all lead you to a crossing of the railroad tracks which I don't recommend. Not only illegal but dangerous. If you do, look both ways and then scoot quickly. According to the sign, the construction should be finished sometime in December.

Fence placed across Lower Don Trail at Riverdale Park Bridge

Queen Street stairs closed

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