Monday, December 18, 2006

Guided Tour Through Glendon Forest

After Wednesday (last exam) I'll be able to post more (gotta keep my nose in the books for two more days). Until then you can peruse this site that I found. Someone has posted some pictures of Glendon Forest as well as describing a self guided hike that you can take starting at the north end of Sunnybrook Park. The site titled "Toronto Hike - Glendon Forest and Crother's Woods" although there are no hikes listed for Crothers' Woods yet. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Note that in Glendon Forest there are now fences on the two bridges across the Don. One of these fences seems permanently locked, while the other one is a gate that could easily be locked, thus preventing access to the left bank.

Anonymous said...

I've updated the page you mentioned here, and removed mention of Crother's Woods. I'm not sure what I was thinking!

(Thanks, by the way, for the work you do on the Don... we met a few years back on the 1st Mountain Biking/IMBA group - I was the other guy taking lots of pictures, if you recall.)