Thursday, December 21, 2006

Path Stays Open

At the back of the Brick Works is an informal path. It is a handy short cut to the Moore Park Ravine, one that I use on occasion. It travels through a small section of relatively untouched woods before joining the main (overused) trail. A couple of months ago someone in Parks decided that they would try to dissuade users from using this trail since it is not an official path so they planted a few trees and shrubs on the path (see 'Before' photo).

When I visited the Brick Works yesterday I happened to take a look and found that the plants had disappeared (see 'After' photo). It turns out that someone didn't take kindly to the hint and proceeded to cut all the saplings down. I found them piled to one side. This half-assed attempt at trail closure is a miserable failure.

So it's back to the drawing board for this plan. What's really needed is to implement a more comprehensive plan that addresses all of the informal paths that are creeping into the Brick Works. Maybe then we'll see some progress.



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