Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cycling Crosspostings for the Don

I found a couple of postings on cycling blogs and websites that concern the Don.

1. The UofT Mountain Biking CLub has posted more pictures of the clean-up from last Saturday. I blogged about this on my adventure to remove an old safe from the Don.

One of the bikers composed a little ditty about the clean-up (gosh, we bikers are certainly a creative bunch!)

On the 2nd day of June,
The mountain bike team gave to me,
30 bags of garbage, 5 shopping carts, 3 pails of concrete,
1 steeeeel safe,
1 bicycle, 2 blue skids, 1 frying pan,
and a blanket in a don tree.

- courtesy of Eric.

2. Biking blog "I Bike TO ... So Can You" reported on a public meeting about repairs for the path along side Wilket Creek. It still hasn't been repaired in places since the August 2005 flood. The city is still dithering on how to cope with another such flood.

Cyclists use this path frequently and still have to get off their bikes and walk past a section of the path where the asphalt was ripped up by the flood waters. Even today all that remains of that section is sand. It's even hard to walk through. Bike Lane Diary posted some pictures about this last year.

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