Monday, June 25, 2007

Official Start to Don River Park

Media circus, er... tent

I went down to the official presentation for the construction of the start of the berm. I was not really sure why this is important but I guess it's good to inform the public as to what's going on (I should tell the waterfront guys to just read my blog!).

I listened to a half hour of prepared speeches given by the head honchos and then they each dug a ceremonial shovelful of dirt for the cameras.

The only thing I got out of it was some pictures and cup of free coffee. I'll be back for the official presentation of the opening of the Lower Don Trail. If there isn't one, I'll organize an unofficial one with BikeTO.

A very scruffy model of the park. From this perspective the picture is oriented looking north west.

Cindy Wilkey of the West Don Lands Committee addresses the crowd. In the background, Mark Wilson (WaterfrontTO), David Caplan (Province), and John Baird (Feds) stand askance.

An aerial photo of the site looking south. The Queen St. bridge is in the lower left.

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