Saturday, September 29, 2007

Odd Construction at the Brick Works

Newly built huts on Quarry Ponds patio

I was passing by the Brick Works the other day when I came across this odd scene on the patio next to the quarry ponds. Someone had built little huts and placed them on blocks. Underneath the main canopy where most of the main events are held, there were obvious signs of some sort of movie or TV show in the progress of being filmed.

I found out later that the production was Holmes on Homes, a Canadian home improvement show. The little buildings were only temporary as they were removed after a couple of days. Yet the scene of them beside the ponds just made for a lesson in incongruity.

One of the huts framed against the backdrop of the ponds and the forest.


Cup Plant said...

Maybe it's a cross between a treehouse and a yurt. A yurt at the Brickworks?

Anonymous said...

A brick yurt. Is that called a yurk?