Monday, October 01, 2007

Clearcut Culprits Revealed

Restoration site bulldozed for pipeline repairs.

Last May I reported on a puzzling circumstance of a grove of mature willows that had been chopped down across Bayview Ave. from the Brick Works. I wasn't able to ascertain the reason until now.

It turns out that an Enbridge (formerly Consumers Gas) pipeline runs directly underneath the site. When I visited the site last week I found a construction road had been plowed directly through the site cutting a swath through a patch of Dogwood and Nannyberry bushes. What had been a successful restoration site is now an ugly mess.

With Enbridge digging up pipelines for repairs, Ontario Hydro chopping trees under power lines, and the city digging up ground for sewer repairs (and new sewers), it just demonstrates how difficult restoration activities in the Don Valley can be.

Construction road continues to the west. On the left is a pile of what used to be the trees growing on this site.

I guess it should also say, "Call before you plant".

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