Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Public Meeting Summary

Concept Plan 1. This plan calls for a major repair job to the bridge and an expanded parking lot at the back including a bus drop off area. There is also an improvement network of paths connecting the historic buildings.

Concept Plan 2. This plan adds a front parking lot and a road connecting to the back parking lot. The bridge would be turned into a pedestrian only bridge.

I attended the public consultation meeting on future enhancements to Todmorden Mills. The meeting was attended by about 40 people. The original impetus for the work was the need to replace a bridge that connects to a parking lot at the back of the site. The bridge used to cross the Don River when it meandered through the site. The meander was straightened when the Don Valley Parkway was built. The bridge now only crosses a shallow gully. Part of the original casements are now buried in the ground.

The current project includes two replacement options for the bridge, It also includes an increase in the number of parking spots, improved site lighting, formalized trails to allow for wheelchair access to the historical buildings and some limited improvements to the nature preserve.

I thought that most of the ideas were good although I don't like the idea of increased parking (who needs more cars?). One thing that surprised me was that the Don Station building will be moved to the Roundhouse down by the Skydome, er... sorry the Roger's Centre. That makes sense since it is railway related (Maybe they can use it as part of the furniture outlet?)


Anonymous said...

I liked Concept Plan 2 as well, and got the impression that it was the favoured option by just about everyone.

There was some speculation at the last meeting that the train station would be moved off the site, but I was surprised to hear last night that it was essentially a done deal.

Anonymous said...

Plan 2 is better than 1. But both have too much parking.

I am particularly concerned about the narrower (2-row) parking extention right up the Wild Flower Preserve Trail.

I think the lot may cause some erosion issues in places, being so close to the ravine.

Its also just not pleasant to walk through a parking lot to get to the trail.

The secondary, 10-space parking area could also use some trimming.

Instead of the car-focus, I'd like to see a plan to offer at least weekend bus service, in conjunction with the Brickworks, shuttling 1 bus between those two places and Broadview or Castlefrank Stations.

Plus, adding more secure bike-parking, and making sure to improve pedestrian access via Pottery Rd (which may be rebuilt in 2009)

Donwatcher said...

The accessibility issue is not about stairs. The current access is across a grass lawn or along patio stone laid paths. The new paths will be packed gravel which will be wheelchair negotiable.