Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Early Spring Ride

I went for a ride on the Lower Don Trail yesterday, the first of the year. Since the trails are not plowed they get used repeatedly and the snow becomes hard packed and turns to ice. Eventually they become unusable until it melts. This past weekend it rained heavily so I figured they might be OK. Apart from a couple of patches of remnant ice underneath bridges and through tunnels, the path is pretty much clear. There is also some winter debris such as sticks and mud that will eventually wash away.

I took a short video of the path just south of Chester Spring Marsh. You can see that the river is high from the spring flood, although not too high that it was flooding the path. The trees and plants have not yet budded so it looks pretty drab with greys and reddish browns. Can't wait until it warms up!


Anonymous said...

Nice video. Good and steady.

This weekend is looking like a good time for me to do my first Don Ride of 2008. :) Yay!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you joining our Ilk. This season promises to be excellent for off road cycling in Toronto.

Next time be careful, and stay in control of your vehicle. that's how sonny bono met his demise - trying to videotape and navigate terrain at the same time. Ride responsibly.

perhaps see you at TORBA's monthly meeting, 7 pm April 15th, 1100 Millwood Road?