Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring in the Valley

I was gonna take my camera down to the valley this afternoon and look for signs of spring but it looks like Marnie has beaten me to the punch. Check out her blog posting today!


Anonymous said...

After several days of covert, in-camera meetings with high level officials,

an agreement has been reached between the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of the Environment, City of Toronto, and Toronto Off Road Bicycling Association,

to build a 6-million dollar mountain bike skills park in the Don Valley.

Trees harvested from the project will be re-used for elevated trails, patios, and EMS stretchers.

For more information, please visit www.toronto-offroad.org.

norah said...

Okay, it's after noon, so this is a serious post.

John, I went for a walk along the Don on Saturday, and here's my first sights of these birds this year:
- 4 (yes 4) black-crowned night herons just north of King Street;
- 1 bufflehead (I usually see a few in the spring; I think they stop off here on their way north).