Friday, July 25, 2008

Honey Bee Security Guards

Warning sign

The Brick Works building complex has been derelict for close to 30 years with only one or two of the smaller buildings being reused. The larger buildings have remained empty and unused. This neglect has attracted all sorts of unwanted visitors. They've been a magnet for many novice and professional photographers who specialize in industrial settings. There has also been weekend raves and explorers of tunnels and abandoned places. The insides are filled with graffiti and garbage.

When I was on the Brick Works Public Advisory Committee (now disbanded), I advocated for a security guard presence to deter visitors. After much delay we ended up with a once nightly visit from a security guard who only drove into the front parking lot. This did little to reduce problem visitors.

Today when I visited the Brick Works I noticed a sign on the fence outside the Chimney Court. Inside was a collection of beehives. I don't know if they will prevent people from entering the buildings but the prospect of a bee sting may force potential visitors to think twice before entering. It sounds like a win-win solution - the honey bees pollinate flowers at the Brick Works, they deter unwanted visitors, and they produce loads sweet tasting honey.

Honey bee hives clustered next to honeycomb painted hut. The hut looks awfully similar to the ones constructed by the Holmes on Homes show that was filmed at the Brick Works last year.

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