Monday, July 07, 2008

A Small Stormwater Issue

Log hung up on bridge

A week later

On June 23rd there was a violent storm that dumped a lot of rain on Toronto. Much of it ended up in the Don. Among many examples of flood related damage was a log hung up on the footbridge crossing the river just north of Riverdale Park. The water was high enough that a log was caught in the railing of the bridge and got stuck against the bank.

While not an immediate problem, if left untouched it could have started a log jam and caused further damage to the bridge. I took some pix and sent them off to the parks supervisor. Today I noticed that the log had been cut down from the bridge. The log is still in the water but it will be safely washed downstream during the next flood.

Location of bridge

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Anonymous said...

There are several of these potential blockages along the Don. There's one at the Eastern Avenue Bridge. While it is good not to interfere with nature TOO much I do wonder why the City (or TRCA) does not try to unblock these and send them down to the Lake. While it's good that you reported this problem it seems strange the City or TRCA do not do 'preventive maintenance".