Sunday, October 26, 2008

More on Signs

Graffiti stained sign shortly after installation

Sign after city crew 'cleaned up' graffiti

Sign after 20 minutes of work by yours truly

Last week I reported on the state of a new sign on the Lower Don Trail. Shortly after installation it was vandalized with purple spray paint. I noticed this on Friday October 10. I was informed that the city would clean this up if notified so I contacted the local parks supervisor who told me that it would be looked after.

Much to my surprise... it was, so to speak. Someone came by on Friday, October 17 and attempted to remove the graffiti. Instead of returning the sign to its original clean white finish they somehow managed to turn it pink instead.

Seeing how I have had previous sign experience, I decided to visit the sign and have a go at it myself. I used a common non-abrasive household cleaner, a sponge, some water and a little elbow grease and I managed to return the sign to its original state. There is still a couple of places where you can still see a faint pinkish tinge but it is pretty close to clean.

Hopefully the city crew will take note and apply themselves a little better to keeping the sign clean. We'll see.