Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Laying Track

I happened by the Queen St. bridge over the Don last Saturday and noticed some activity on the railway tracks that parallel the river. Workers had removed some track underneath the Eastern Ave/Front St. bridge and were replacing it. They were also replacing a switch (see track in foreground) but I couldn't stay for that part. I took these photos before going on my way home.

Construction scene

Closeup of same

Putting the new track in place

More track action.


Anonymous said...

The TTR have been working on this stretch of track for several weeks and appear to be fixing the rail up to the end of the Union Station Rail Corridor - just north of the Queen Street. The TTR are renewing most of the rail in the corridor and installing new signals etc. CN own the line further north and here too there are long lengths of rail lying around so I guess they too are doing upgrades

Anonymous said...

The big stuff comes soon, with corridor expansion for 2-way, all-day service.

We will have to see where the new passing track will go.

Work starts late this year or early next on extend service in the corridor to Aurora