Saturday, October 03, 2009

Found Objects II: Crash the Diamond

Self-published novel: Crash the Diamond

One day this summer I was caught in a sudden downpour and sought shelter underneath a bridge. While waiting out the storm, I crawled onto a ledge to sit down and discovered a heap of books scattered on the ground. They were all copies of one book called Crash the Diamond: Free Democracy by Cheng Wan.

I picked one up and leafed through it. It appeared to be a self-published novel. It doesn't appear to have been edited as the language is quite atrocious. For example, the novel summary on the back cover reads:
The once newcomer, then new Canadian, Fox One had been stuggling (sic) for surviving while Kruel (CSIS agant) and Fantianlo (police) had been pressing him at the bottom of society.
I tried to read a page pages but gave up. The poorly written text makes it almost incomprehensible but it appears to be some sort of conspiracy suspense thriller. It's possible that it is a poor translation from Chinese but I couldn't make heads or tails of the story.

The publisher is listed as One Publisher in downtown Toronto. Their website lists a series of comic books and books on Chinese cuisine but this book is not to be found.

Books scattered about, free for the taking. But, alas, park staff has picked them all up and put them in the trash.

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Sounds like a classic!