Sunday, October 11, 2009

Found Objects III: Multi-coloured Feather

Bird feather

One day in late August I picked up this feather in the Don Valley. I kept it because it has such an unusual colouration. However, I put it away and only recently remembered it.

The feather has a white tip, long black feathers on one side and short blue-black feathers on the other side. Its length from tip to tip is 9.5cm. I am no expert on bird physiology but my guess is that the short blue-black feathers are the ones that show up on the outside of the bird's body with the black feathers lining its skin.

I did some searching but couldn't find any good source on how to identify birds based on feathers. Anybody out there who knows what type of bird it belongs to?


Samaelsmith said...

That would be a blue jay.

Steve S said...

A blue jay.

Donwatcher said...

Well that makes sense. Although not as exotic as I imagined. Thanks for your insights.