Saturday, February 06, 2010

Things in the Don

Along the same lines as Places in the Don... here's a puzzle. Where are these and what might they be?


David Sky said...

"What?" is easy: Art

"Where?" though is a great question! I know of 2 similar sculptures, one along the Beltline near Larratt Parkette West of Avenue Road ( I think that is ) and one just north of the Brickworks on the east side of the path.

We're not the only ones who wonder about it, a couple of years ago there was a City of Toronto sign posted near the Brickworks one looking for more information.

I'm not sure, but I don't think you're two sculptures are the ones I've seen, so I'm even more curious!

Mg said...

Looks to me like the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, in the Milneford Mills area, south of Lawrence.

Donwatcher said...

Mg you are right!. I took these pictures last spring in Milne Hollow which is the northern section of the Charles Sauriol Conservation Preserve. What they are (or represent) I don't know but I am trying to find out.