Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elevated Wetlands New Coat of Paint

View from Don Valley Parkway

If you've been driving up the DVP this winter you may have noticed some changes at the Elevated Wetlands. On the east side, the pod nearest the highway has been painted with 11 wide purple stripes that go from top to bottom. Some may think this is a new addition to the art installation but indeed it is just another form of graffiti. The painting was completely unauthorized. There is no signature and so far no one has stepped forward claiming responsibility.

Pod up close

While not in the same league as defacing Leonardo da Vinci's David statue, is it vandalism nonetheless. Noel Harding (the artist) would no doubt be less than impressed with this new paint scheme. If you visit the pods up close you can see that the middle pod has been artlessly splashed with paint. The city will eventually repaint it to the original colour. In the meantime, passersby can only wonder as to the new meaning.

Middle pod carelessly splashed with paint on one leg

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