Friday, October 21, 2005

Turning the Big Pipe into the Big Process

Toronto city councillors decided to stick their noses into York Region by voting to ask the province to defer further work on the York Region sewer project known as the 'Big Pipe'. Toronto wants this project to go through a full Environmental Assessment (EA).

The problem is that in order to pump all the sewage through the system, engineers need to supplement the flow with local water, and they're talking about millions of litres of water. Such a volume could de-water local wells and have serious negative implications on base flows for the Don and Rouge Rivers.

York Region, understandably is pissed because, firstly they think Toronto should butt out of their turf, secondly if this does go to a full EA it's going to slow down the project by at least two years, and thirdly they secretly know an EA will reveal the truth about this project.

Most of the local papers reported on this matter including the Globe and Mail.

Go Toronto!

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Kat said...

How come the Americans get crises about hurricanes and terrorists while we get crises about garbage and sewage? It's very scatological...