Friday, June 02, 2006

June 2006 City Documents

Here's a summary of items for June committee meetings related to the Don.

River Street extension, Class EA. Not a big thing, but indirectly connected to the West Don Lands project.

Crothers' Woods Trailhead. The city in partnership with Loblaws will build a formal trailhead for the trail system that networks through Crothers' Woods. Formerly just a hole in the chain link fence, this will be replaced with a cedar rail fence, signage, garbage bins, the usual stuff. Kudos to staff in NECP for pushing this one through.

Burke Brook Class EA. The city is conducting a study to restore fish passage on Burke Brook, a tributary of the West Don that winds its way through Sherwood Park and flows into Sunnybrook Park. The key proposal is to look at the feasibility of building a fish ladder where the creek flows underneath Bayview Ave. There will be a public meeting about this on June 13. See notice for details.

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