Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Salmon in the Don (reprise)

I got a call this morning from CFRB, the talk radio station asking me if they could interview me about the salmon sightings. I said "Sure!". The interview took place at 12:45 PM today and boy was that tough! It was all OK up until the last moment and than she asked me all these questions!

Suddenly I was nervous and stumbling over my words, but eventually I got through it. It lasted less than five minutes. I didn't say all the right things but I got most of the message across. I am not sure what good it will do but you never know. Any publicity about the the river is a good thing.


Marnie said...

Wish I'd heard it! I'm sure you were great. I'm about to post a picture of a dead salmon on my blog -- thank goodness the smell isn't part of the picture.

Airwin said...

I heard it and it was really good. It's nice to know other people out there care about the river.