Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Garbage: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dump site

Construction debris

Looks like somebody's former kitchen cabinets

Last Sunday as I was leaving the valley after the trail work, I came across this mess. This is right beside the unwanted dog run (that the city still hasn't fixed but that's another story) just southwest of the Brick Works. There is a gate off Bayview Avenue that accesses a service road for an Enbridge gas pipeline building. It was originally blocked by a metal post locked to the ground but this has gone missing. This allows anyone access to this small secluded field 24-7. Somebody took advantage of this and dumped a load of construction waste, some kitchen cabinets, old tires, empty propane cylinders and some rotten wooden boards.

I took these pictures and sent them to the city parks staff. I expected to wait awhile but much to my surprise they were cleaned up by Monday evening. I was talking to the Bob Ward, the parks supervisor and he thanked me for sending him the pictures. He blames the open gate on another city department (those darn silos).

Anyways it's good to see at least something taken care of promptly.

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